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Why Buy Bulk

Buying in bulk has become a very popular way to shop. Some have different reasons as to why they buy in bulk, but they are all beneficial reasons. Some buy in bulk to save money. Some do it to be more environmentally friendly by avoiding packaging to enter the landfills. Then there are some who do it because it makes more sense to buy the amount you need instead of wasting food you do not need.

Here at Healthy Home Market we encourage you to buy bulk! We have a wide selection of seasonings, food and snacks in our bulk section. We carry grains, beans, legumes, snack mixes, dried fruit, popping corn, granola, nuts and a variety of pantry staples. We offer organic options as well. You can also make your own nut butters that are freshly ground with no added preservatives. Honey and maple syrup are also available. You can even bring your own container to refill. If you do, then be sure to weigh your container with the cashier before you fill it so you are not paying for the container

Buying in bulk allows you as the customer to see exactly what you are buying before purchasing. You can see how fresh the product is and the quality of the product.

Another perk when buying in bulk is that you get to see how much of the product you are getting. Let’s look at when you buy a bag of chips or a box of cereal. It looks like it’s completely full, but only half the bag is filled with product and the rest is air.

Stop paying for air and start buying in bulk!

When you are buying in bulk, you are also getting more for your buck. Whether you need a pinch or a pound, HHM has you covered. We carry a variety of herbs, spices and teas so you can buy just what you need for your recipe. When you buy in smaller quantities you save money.

Starting Oct 16th HHM will be celebrating National Bulk Week with special bulk pricing at all three of our locations through Oct 22nd. So get ready and get your BULK ON!

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