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How To Store Your Bulk Food

Home market is in the midst of celebrating national bulk Week! Last week we told you why you should buy in bulk. So this week it may be a good idea to give some friendly tips or reminders as to how to store your bulk food.

The whole point of buying in bulk is that it gives you an opportunity to buy as much or as little as you need. once you buy the items that you need, you will want to make sure you keep it fresh so you can use it. Overbuying may leads to stale and waste food. This is especially the case with nuts, which can go rancid, and spices, which can loose their potency

Most bulk foods should be stored in airtight containers, so transfer them if necessary. You can use empty food jars, store-bought food storage containers, mason jars, or one large container to store smaller bags.

You will want to be sure to label the contents of each container using a marker, sticker, piece of masking tape, etc.

One of the major concerns with storing bulk food is keeping the little pests away. The easiest way to keep pests out of your bulk foods is to avoid storing them in paper. Weevils, ants, and other pantry pests can easily munch through a paper bag to get at the goods inside. Instead, transfer items like cornmeal and flour out of paper bags or boxes and into a glass or plastic storage container for long term storage.National Bulk Week Oct 16th-22nd

Another issue with bulk dry goods is humidity. Moisture can make food spoil more quickly, so it’s important to keep things like dried beans, grains, sugar, and flours dry to maximize their shelf life.

The best way to fight humidity is to store your dry goods in airtight containers. That means a plastic or glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

Please remember toxic chemicals and bacteria can contaminate your food, but you also want to make sure you store bulk items away from heat and water sources, because these can shorten their shelf life.

Make sure you take a stroll down our bulk food aisle to see this week’s specials!

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