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Store Your Fruit to Save Your Fruit

PeachesWhen trying to have a healthier lifestyle, you start off by following a healthier diet. That diet most likely includes fruit.  As most know, fruit is great for the body and each fruit has different benefits.  The only issue that you run into may be is keeping the fruit fresh.  When buying fruit for the week, sometimes the fruit can go bad faster than you have time to eat it. So, here are some tips that can help you safely store your fruit, to save your fruit.


First tip, buy your fruit fresh! Every fruit and vegetable has its own clues to its freshness, but you don’t need to remember a laundry list of specifics in order to walk away with something ripe and tasty. The most important thing to remember when inspecting produce is to use your senses. Ask yourself how the item smells, how it feels, and whether it looks appealing. Also, pay attention to weight: heaviness can indicate how juicy a fruit or melon is, especially with oranges, lemons, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Smell is particularly important when it comes to melons and pineapple, which can smell very strongly when past their prime, so the lighter and sweeter the better.


Second tip, store your fruit where you found your fruit.  Store refrigerated fruits like grapes, berries and kiwis in the small bottom drawer in your fridge that indicates it’s for fruits and veggies. For dry fruit avoid storing it in the kitchen.  I know the kitchen is where food goes but the kitchen gets too warm for the dry fruit to stay fresh.  You want to pick a dry location in the house to store the fruit.  A fruit bowl works perfectly! Some examples of fruit you’d ideally store dry are tropical fruits, peaches and bananas.


Third tip, you can always freeze your fruit for later! This helps your fruit last longer, so if you’re not sure when you’ll get to it, it’s a great option. Keep in mind that when the fruit defrosts it may be mushy. Frozen fruit works best when wanting to fix a fruit smoothie. The fruit does not have to go to waste, you can find another way to eat it.Grapes


Fourth tip, do not wash your fruit until you are ready to eat your fruit. By washing your fruit you are washing off any protective layers, such as food-grade wax that keeps your fruit from dehydrating. So hold off until you are ready to take your first bite.


Keep these tips in mind when shopping at Healthy Home Market and Farm 2 Family Foods.  This can help you save money and keep from wasting your fruit.  So remember to correctly store your fruit to save your fruit!

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