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Sherrine Washington, MSW | Certified Raw Food Chef & Holistic Health Coach

Brave Girl Wellness & Retreats

Are you a sugar addict, an over-eater, or a serial restrictive dieter struggling with your weight? Are you interested in learning how you can aid in healing your body using food as medicine for such diseases as cancer and diabetes? Brave Girl Wellness & Retreats can help! Allow us to transform your life and finally be in control of your eating once and for all. Through mindful eating coaching and gradual raw food integration, we utilize a slow and steady holistic approach that will teach you creative ways to make even the smallest changes for the biggest benefits towards living a healthier lifestyle. Other services include Bariatric Physician consulting, speaking engagements, supported detox cleansing, and corporate wellness programs. Call and ask about our August 2016 R.A.W.cation Retreat in beautiful Myrtle Beach! Now is the time to be R.A.W-Release All Worry. Visit our website to register for the next retreat or learn about our VIP coaching packages.

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Suzanne D. Cormier, PhD, LPC, BCC

Gluten-Free & Life Transition Coaching

Gluten-intolerant?  Diagnosed with celiac disease? Have a loved one who is? Transitioning to life without gluten feels overwhelming & upsetting.  Suzanne helps individuals & families learn how to manage the challenge of gluten-free living with personalized experience & professional coaching.  Learn valuable tools for going gluten free & feeling good! On-line, Skype, phone & face-to-face coaching sessions are offered depending on individual preferences & time constraints. Contact Suzanne via her website for a complimentary consultation & to learn more.

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