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Don’t Just Carve Your Pumpkin, Eat It Too!

Every year most of us carve a pumpkin for Halloween or use them as décor for the fall season. Well I am here to remind you that when you are gutting and carving your pumpkin, you should save the rest to eat. Here is why.

Pumpkins comes with various benefits that may contribute to your health. One of the benefits being, it may help sharpen your eyesight.  According to the National Health Institutes of Health, a cup of cooked mashed pumpkin contains more than 200% of your daily intake of vitamin A which aids vision.

Pumpkin can also aid toward weight loss since pumpkin is high in fiber and low on calories. Fiber rich diets seem to help people eat less.

Pulling out the pumpkin seeds can be kind of messy but according to studies it may reduce bad cholesterol. Which may help you keep a healthy heart.

If someone offers you a slice of pumpkin pie, take it! The same carotenoids in pumpkin that may keep cancer cells at bay may also help keep the skin wrinkle free.

Last but certainly not least, pumpkins can boost your immune system.  This is very important since during the fall is when people become sick more often.  Pumpkins have a solid source of vitamin C.

As you are making a cute or scary pumpkin this Halloween, remember to save the good stuff inside for later.

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