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The King Of Pops!

During the summer it is all about staying cool and eating light.  Enjoying a snack that is utterly refreshing with every lick or bite you take. Here at Healthy Home Market and Farm 2 Family Foods, we want you… Continue reading

Organic Ice Cream Here!

ice3 You scream, I scream, we all scream for Organic Ice cream!

Wait that’s not how it goes? Well I bet it works for Alden’s Organic Ice Cream.

Alden’s Ice cream is considered to be a premium ice cream brand that… Continue reading

The Beauty in Vitamins

v2Taking vitamins has become so routine in peoples’ everyday lives lately.  Some vitamins are there to fill the void of whatever you may be lacking or to help boost something that you may already have.  I myself have… Continue reading

Crazy for Kombucha



These days, you can’t walk down the street without hearing someone talk about kombucha. “Five years ago, around 20% of US consumers were aware that probiotics were beneficial. Now it’s close to 80%, although people aren’t necessarily sure WHY… Continue reading

Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork

For the last 40 years, the Ivey family of Heritage Farms have been raising pure-breed heritage hogs in Seven Springs, NC for the exceptional rich and wonderful taste that these hogs produce. Food lovers from all over the world prefer… Continue reading

Shenandoah Valley Organic Chicken


Shenandoah Valley Organic is a USDA certified Organic chicken processor and wholesaler located in Harrisonburg, VA in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley. SVO’s mission is to provide the highest quality of organic chicken that has been humanely raised by… Continue reading

Using Essential Oils

Looking for a hard-to-find oil? HHM has one of the largest sections of essential oils in Charlotte, many are organic too! We also stock carrier oils for dilution and a nice variety of dropper bottles, misters, and containers with lids in a light blocking cobalt-blue glass or plastic.

Essential oils have been around for ages, but have made the move into more mainstream health lately. They are a natural remedy extracted directly from a plant or tree and just one drop can offer many health benefits. Uses range… Continue reading

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