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What is a Superfood?

You may have heard the phrase superfood tossed around in the health food world but what exactly is it? Does it give you special powers? Will it make you big and strong? Well it will not make you the next… Continue reading

All Natural Ingredients

Going all natural can be the right thing to do.  We hear of so many chemicals being used in food that it is hard to know what is healthy anymore.  Eating foods that include all natural ingredients means… Continue reading

Living Gluten Free

Gluten is very controversial these days. These days, a gluten-free lifestyle has become one of the most popular diet trends in the U.S. First off let’s discuss what it exactly means to choose to eat gluten… Continue reading

Becoming a Vegan?

Becoming a vegan

Taking the steps to becoming a vegan can be challenging for some depending on what you may see challenging to cut out your diet.  Those who decided to go “cold turkey” and become a vegan the… Continue reading

Infused Water

Living in the South where it is mildly hot for most of the year, it is important to stay hydrated. There are multiple ways to stay hydrated. One being by drinking lots of water and another way is by eating… Continue reading

An Alternative BBQ!

Grilling season is among us and plenty of invites are going out to join in on some great BBQ’s but what will be on the menu? It is pretty much a tradition that when having a BBQ, it includes grilling… Continue reading

Grass-Fed Butter

Many of you may have heard that eating butter is bad for your diet.  Just by looking at the stick of butter alone it looks as if it would have no benefit for the body.  Well if you… Continue reading

Get Your Modern Muffin!

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. The reason for this is because it helps jump start the brain and the body for the day. Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources… Continue reading

Avocados To Guacamole And Still Healthy


This Friday, May 5th, some may be celebrating the popular Cinco de Mayo! Those who celebrate this holiday do so by drinking margaritas and indulging in tacos, guacamole and much more.  Guacamole may look like baby… Continue reading

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