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avacodosEvery day we feed our bodies something that we either know is beneficial or something that we crave. Hopefully you are becoming more conscious as to what to feed your body so you not only satisfy your hunger but add nutrition to your body. Part of the body that needs a good source of food is the brain.  Brain food helps develop and strengthen the brain.  Some foods help with memory and others may help with brain function, but what foods in particular can help?

Here are 10 foods that was studied by Dr. Axe “Food is Medicine” online journal that can be found at Healthy Home Market and now Farm 2 Family Foods as well.

Avocados contain both vitamin K and folate, which helps prevent blood clots in the brain, protecting against stroke, as well as helping to improve cognitive function, both memory and concentration.

Blueberries are especially good at protecting our brains from degeneration and stress because of their high levels of Gallic acid.

Bone Broth is the ultimate food for healing your gut, which in turn, heals your brain. Its high levels of collagen help reduce intestinal inflammation, and healing amino acids like proline and glycine keep your immune system functioning properly and help improve memory.bone broth

Coconut Oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory, suppressing cells responsible for inflammation. It can help with memory loss as you age and destroy bad bacteria that hangs out in your gut.

Egg Yolks contain large amounts of choline, which helps in fetal brain development for pregnant women. It also breaks down bethane, a chemical that produces hormones related to happiness. Yes, you read that correct, eggs can make you happy!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is truly a brain food. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants in the oil known as polyphenols that improve learning and memory, but also reverse the age and disease-related changes. The oil also helps fight against ADDLs, proteins that are toxic to the brain and induce Alzheimer’s.

Green Leafy Vegetables are loaded with vitamins A and K which help fight inflammation and can help keep dementia at bay.

Tumeric also helps boost antioxidant levels and keep your immune system healthy, while also improving your brain’s oxygen intake, keeping you alert and able to process information.

 Salmon is one of the most nutritious, brain-friendly foods out there! It’s packed with omega 3 fatty acids to help keep your brain running smoothly ­and improve memory.

Rosemary consists of carnosic acid that helps protect the brain from neurodegeneration. It does this by protecting the brain against chemical free radicals, which are linked to neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s, strokes and normal aging in the brain.

15 Brain Foods To Boost Focus and Memory. (2015, July 15). Retrieved January 31, 2017, from https://draxe.com/15-brain-foods-to-boost-focus-and-memory/

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