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Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut waterIf you are an active individual this may be something you want to try if you have not already. It is coconut water! Some individuals say drinking coconut water after a busy on the go day or a great workout helps restore energy the healthy way.  The drink you want to look for after a workout is something with low calories, low sugar and electrolytes. Coconut water is that beverage that helps the body restore energy and hydrates the muscles.

Now not all coconut water you see is healthy for you.  Here is what to look for when choosing the right coconut water:






These above are considered electrolytes and can be found from the coconut water itself that helps restore energy and strength.  If there is any added ingredients then it is no longer 100 percent coconut water.  One of the brands that is sold in our Farm 2 Family Foods stores is FOCO Coconut Water. It is a natural isotonic beverage that will hydrate your body as you enjoy its refreshing, pure taste.

It includes:

5 essential electrolytes

0% fat

No cholesterol

No sugar added

Less calories

Come visit us and find a coconut water for you.

Also, mark your calendars as Farm 2 Family Foods in Davidson will be hosting the Health and Wellness Fair Friday, February 25th 1-4pm. See you there!0001

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