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Aromas For The Holidays

As we head to the end of the year, we will be enjoying some holiday cheer. Some of you may be entertaining house guest or some may want to relax at home alone. Whatever the case may be, it is good to have your house smelling welcoming. Here at Healthy Home Market there are different aromas you can have in your home during and even after the holidays.

When choosing aromas it all depends what you are wanting to use it for

Starting with incense. Incense is an aromatic biotic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. It is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils. Incense is also used for a variety of purposes, including to overcome bad smells, repel insects, aromatherapy, meditation, and for simple pleasure.

HHM also have different types of candles. Some people like to use candles to set a relaxing mood whether it’s for alone time or when company is joining you for the holidays.  Some candles let off a mild scent and some are very strong. When choosing candles you want to make sure that the candles are soy candles or even beeswax.

** Keep in mind, if a soy candle is made from 100% soy (not all are; some are blended with beeswax or other waxes), and scented with essentials oils instead of chemical fragrances (as many are), then it can be called an all-natural soy candle. **

Soy candles are natural since they’re made from vegetable oil and burn 50% longer than regular candles. Not only do soy candles burn cleaner but the scent from soy candles is much stronger. Some people choose soy over the beeswax because of the harm that is done to the bees through the process.

One of the local brands of candles that are sold in the stores is Charlotte Candles.  These candles are handmade in Davidson, NC with multiple fragrances to choose from.  They are made with sox wax, a cotton with and natural fragrances.

For those of you who may not like open flames or prefer a more calming atmosphere then you can try a diffuser.  This is a safer alternative to candles and incense because it is less hazardous if you have pets or children running around.

A diffuser is said to:

Improve cognitive function

Helps you breathe easier.

Elevate your mood

For relaxation

These are just a couple of options to help you choose an aroma that is fitting for yourself!

In the midst of the holiday season come to Healthy Home Market to find some aromas that will work for you! Remember to shop locally owned and locally grown at Healthy Home Market.

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